Performance, productivity and confidence

Coaching centres on the belief that everyone has the potential to grow and that by facilitating your thinking, we enable you to develop insights and commit to actions that are relevant, meaningful and specific to you.

The results can be enlightening, and sometimes unexpected. Overall, you will see your performance and productivity improve as you take actions and make progress between each session.

Our executive coaching offers you:

  • Confidential time and space to talk and think freely without being judged
  • Support and challenge, acting as a “fierce friend”
  • Honest, constructive feedback, to raise your self-awareness and encourage positive change
  • Tools and techniques that are practical immediately and in the long-term

Our coaching will help you learn independently, and work on a clear plan for the future.  Areas that we might work on together include:

  • Developing your strategic, leadership and team relationship skills.
  • Deepening your understanding of yourself – what influences, motivates and fulfils you.
  • Extending awareness of how you are perceived and the impact your behaviour has on others.
  • Enabling you to handle conflict in a working relationship so that it can be resolved effectively.
  • Supporting you through changes in your organisation, team or role.
  • Enabling you to consider your future career and helping you to prepare for your next steps.

Ultimately, our aim is to help you be fully confident in your role, stay true to yourself, and fully believe in your abilities.

Our coaching approach

We create a trusting environment in which you can be yourself, openly explore your ideas and concerns, and develop new ways of thinking, being and doing.

Our discussions and our working relationship provide the perfect opportunity for you to learn in the moment and to plan for actions back at work.  By increasing your self-awareness, and developing your reflective skills, you come to a better understanding of how you think and operate, and how you might do things differently.

When appropriate, we use psychometrics and gather 360 degree feedback to deepen your understanding of yourself and of how others view you.

We enable you to better understand yourself, and how you approach your work and your working relationships. Together, we’ll enhance your confidence, performance and happiness.

How do I find out more?

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I received coaching at a time when I was going through a relatively big career change. Gillian never passed judgment and helped me reach my own conclusions as opposed to directing me to the outcome. The coaching played a critical role in ensuring that I was clear on how best to manage the transition, and ensure that it had a minimal effect on my confidence and leadership style.

Head of Digital Transformation, Heineken UK

Gillian was able to get right to the heart of my issues; she asks the really hard questions and made me think. The sessions have really deepened my understanding of myself.  Gillian has good business awareness, and understands the political environment I operate in. Technically, she is very strong and is clearly very passionate about what she does.  I’d very happily recommend her to others.

Head of HR, UK Bank