Thinking well for effective meetings

Many clients tell us that finding time to think is one of their biggest challenges, and yet it’s crucial to effective leadership, decision making and day to day interactions.

  • Do you create the ideal conditions to think for yourself every day?
  • How much do people look forward to your meetings?
  • Are your meetings the most innovative and productive they can be?

We deliver workshops to enable you to run your own meetings in a Thinking Environment, or facilitate meetings so that you can be fully present in the discussion. Either way, you and your colleagues will experience the energy, creativity and ease of being in a Thinking Environment. We guarantee that your meetings and their outcomes will visibly benefit as a result.

The Thinking Environment® workshop

During this half or one day programme, you will learn about the Thinking Environment® and how applying it in 1:1 and group meetings produces noticeably different and more effective results.

The Thinking Environment® creates a structured approach and ethos for colleagues to work more effectively together, and so develop their problem solving, commitment and trust. It empowers individuals and teams to think independently and creatively, and so make better decisions.

Ultimately, it saves your organisation time and money.

It gives you and your teams Time to Think.

During the workshop, you will experience the Thinking Environment® for yourself, by applying it to your current business topics. You will leave with the knowledge and understanding to run your own meetings as a Thinking Environment®.

And if you would like to learn more about how to extend the benefits of a Thinking Environment®, we recommend two further workshops, ‘More Time to Think’ and ‘Decision Making in a Thinking Environment’.  Participants go on to do these supplementary courses to help them truly embed their learning in their daily working lives.

What impact does the Thinking Environment® have?

The Thinking Environment® recognises the correlation between good thinking and good decision making, which in turn leads to the best actions.  By putting quality thinking at the beginning of the process, it produces far-reaching results that transform fortunes.

What outcomes could you expect in your organisation?

Once learned, The Ten Components of a Thinking Environment® become part of a new set of behaviours that are yours for life. They provide the tools for getting the best out of every person, and make a real, positive difference to individual, team and organisational performance.

What is it?

A half or one day workshop conducted in-house

What will happen?

  • Welcome and contracting.
  • Positive Opening Round
    How to create a positive environment for creative thinking.
  • An introduction to the 10 Components of a Thinking Environment.
  • Thinking Pairs
    How to provide a supportive environment in which to do your best thinking.
  • Appreciation
    How to validate your Thinking Partner’s thinking.
  • Dialogue
    How to discuss a common topic collaboratively.
  • Rounds in a Thinking Environment
    How to enable relaxed, equal contributions and generate new and productive thinking in group meetings.
  • Open Discussion
    How to hold free flowing discussions in group meetings whilst staying true to the 10 Components of a Thinking Environment.
  • Freshest Thinking Round.
  • Appreciative Closing Round.

The Thinking Environment is designed and delivered by Gillian McCready, a certified Time to Think Facilitator.

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I have used Gillian’s skills as a Thinking Environment Facilitator to work with my Executive Team. I can honestly say the quality of our conversation and the outcomes we achieved far exceeded our expectations, and resulted in some new directions of travel that we have taken forward as an organisation. We were amazed at how much we achieved using the Thinking Environment approach.

Chair, The Council of Deans of Health UK