Transitioning successfully

The first few weeks in a new role are challenging. Given the right support, through a structured coaching programme, we help Directors and Senior Managers to transition well and thrive in their new position.

Our First 90 Days coaching sessions provide the space and time to plan for and execute a successful transition into a new role, and to identify:

  • Short term objectives and success criteria
  • Where the ‘quick wins’ are to be found and how to achieve them
  • How to quickly build reputation, influence and relationships
  • What is needed to lead and get buy-in from their new team
  • Ideas and strategies for the immediate and medium term
  • How to overcome barriers to progress

The gemm programme

Weeks 0 and 1

We start with a getting to know the new executive in a ‘chemistry’ session, to see if we would work well together, and explore how future sessions might take shape.

We follow with a 2 hour meeting to agree development goals, share expectations for the work and of each other, and start working on a priority area.

Ideally, we also meet with their new line manager to agree development goals and measures of success.

Week 3 

We meet to review progress, identify successes, and discuss and plan for the challenges ahead.

Weeks 6 and 9 

We continue to meet face to face or virtually, to reflect, learn, and plan.

Week 12

A final coaching session plus a three-way meeting with their manager and/or HR professional enables the new executive to reflect on their progress, share feedback on performance, and agree next steps for their ongoing development and continued success.

By the end of the coaching programme, the new leader has improved clarity and confidence, an enhanced understanding of the dynamics and culture of their new team and organisation, and a greater ability to lead and succeed in their role.


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The work I’ve done with Gillian this year has been invaluable.  She has helped me define the areas I needed to work on in a new role and supported me to make strong decisions and tackle challenging problems.  She has helped me focus and prioritise and look at leadership in a different way.

Fundraising Director, Maggie's